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If you want to commission a sculpture, but have no idea how to go about it – FEAR NOT!

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She will listen to what you say, then walk you through the process. You can be assured that the result will be just as you envision, and your dream will be fulfilled.

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by asking yourself the following:

  • What do you see as your vision and desire for the sculpture?
  • Where would you like it to be?
  • How large do you want it to be, and of what material?
  • What do you want this piece to say to people who will view it?
  • What is your price range?


When you have shared with Esther what you have in mind for her to create, the two of you will discuss the medium to be used – stainless steel or bronze – and she will walk you through how all of this works, including the design of the piece, which will be one of the following:

  • A signature line sculpture
  • A cast bronze
  • A hand-created solid sculpture


Discuss other ideas you have about what you want, such as:

  • Size
  • Pose
  • Color
  • Style
  • Meaning of the piece


Esther will design a mock-up drawing for the fee of $50.00 and send it to you for review and discussion. This $50.00 will be credited to your sculpture’s cost. You may make two (2) changes to the design for no extra cost. Once the final design is settled upon, Esther will send you a quote for the total project.

Payment Options

The creation of your custom artwork will begin once one-half of the total cost is paid, which can be done via PAYPAL. You may also discuss with Esther setting up a payment plan. She will send photos of the progress of your piece along the way. Upon completion, the balance is due and payable. Or, if you have set up a payment plan, then the piece will be shipped once the payment is complete. Shipping will be done via UPS, FED-EX, or a private carrier, and these details can be worked out as we progress with the project. Most pieces will require crating before shipping, and Esther has a local company that does all of this in-house before making delivery to your home or business.


Have a blessed day.

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