“Two years ago I moved from a little town near Dallas to Kerrville, Texas, and built a house on some acreage. I was amazed at the number of deer and blackbuck antelope in my backyard. Also, the number of jackrabbits. My sister and one of her neighbors had commissioned Esther to produce pieces for them. I had a perfect spot for one and talked with Esther about what I wanted her to make. She came up with the most amazing design. She is truly a gifted artist. Everyone should visit her Gallery.”

Jan Pool, Home on the Range, August 2018

“Esther, we love all your art!  People admire it every day, and now that we are having parties and weddings on our new outdoor patio, more people are enjoying looking at ‘Feeling Good.’  It is amazing after all these years that he still looks great!

Jane Bauer – Bauer Stoves, Urbana, OH

Esther Benedict Sculptures

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Pipe Creek, Texas 78063

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Bringing joy, beauty and happiness to the world with art!

“If you can dream it, Esther can design and create your personalized custom art!”

To view Esther’s Metal Wall Art, please visit: www.benedictmetalart.com

“Esther Benedict’s art and sculptures have been a part of our life on Hearthstone Farm in Ohio. From the entrance with horses and bulls on the two stone structures welcoming people to the farm, to two full size horse statues, ‘Feeling Good,’ and a dressage horse and rider by the indoor horse arena, to horses above the outdoor fireplace, and the indoor fireplace with fox and hounds, and another with buffalo, to smaller sculptures in our personal house, Esther’s art is apparent and beautiful. When we sponsored national horse two-day events, we always had Esther make our special first-place trophies. As an artist myself, I appreciate the expert eye she has for composition and originality. As a person, Esther is a very special friend and has been for many years, and is recognized throughout the horse world.”

Don Bauer

“The metal art is incredible.  The workmanship and attention to detail impress everyone who sees the art.  We are very pleased and eager to show them off on our unit walls!”

Andrew from Fort Bragg NC, July 2018

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