In the Garden


Sit with Jesus and grab His hands. Lay your heart upon Him with this sculpture available in Bronze and Cast Resin. See below for additional products and a full description of this sculpture and the history.



Sculpture size: Size: 57″ L x 57″ T x 26″ W

The Canvas Prints and Keepsake Images feature the face of Jesus from the sculpture.

There will also be coins inspired by this sculpture, Cast Your Care. The coin features the face of Jesus from the sculpture In the Garden and the back reads the scripture from Matthew 11:28, “Come to Me all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give your rest.”

This piece was inspired by a clear vision that I had on my way to Church back in February of 2015. It also was influenced by a meditation I have enjoyed for years. In this meditation I visualize myself walking into a beautiful Garden on a clear fresh spring morning. The birds are singing and the sun beams down through the light mist in the air. I walk through an ornamental iron gate that is along the stone path that leads to the garden. After passing through the first gate, I walk further in to the garden and come to a large heavy wooden door that stands in the fence line of the interior part of the garden. I open this wooden door and step inside.

There sitting on a wood stump sits Jesus. He is smiling and welcomes me to sit with Him. He holds His hands out and takes mine in His and the all worries and concerns of the world disappear. His asks me to tell Him whatever is on my mind. It is comforting to sit and hold His hands, feeling free to talk to Him telling Him of my joys or of sadness. All I place in His hands just disappears as He listens to it all with an accepting loving heart. Then before I leave I sit quietly and just listen. Listen to whatever He may want to let me know. It is a comfort as I leave to know He is always there anytime. I know He is in the Garden.

With this God-given sculpture, the piece that it has within it, can be yours at any time. Sometimes our daily lives are chaotic, confusing and to sit and be still can be challenging. This piece offers a place to help you find that peace as you look into His eyes and hold His hands.

Several have made comments as people viewed this piece for the first time.

Here are just a few….

“This piece if full of Grace”
“I am a tough, hard person but this moved me to tears…. People will want one of these at their home.”
“I just want to stay with Him”
“As I sit with Him, He seems to smile at me.”

This is a sculpture that needs to be where ever God wants it to be, therefore it has been put upon my heart to not limit this piece.

Whether in your backyard, or a garden at a church–here you can grab the hands of Jesus and lay your heart upon Him.

Available in Bronze or cast resin. (Cast resin is a lighter gold color when compared to Bronze.)

Shipping to be determined by carrier and location.


Additional information

In the Garden

Bronze $40,000, Cast Resin $12,000, Canvas Print 11×14 $49, Canvas Print 16×12 $59, Keepsake Image $3, Keepsake Image 2 for $5


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