Cat Pause


Limited Edition Bronze


of 25


“Cat Pause” Limited Edition bronze of 25 

This whimsical sculpture was inspired by a stray cat that came to live with us early in 2017. At first we tried to shoo him off but he refused to leave. I finally made friends with him and he has taken over our place and allows us to live here.

I named him Waldo when I would see him in five different places in only a few minutes. “Where’s Waldo” came to mind so Waldo he is.

Waldo has more poses than any cat I have ever known and so he inspired the piece “Cat Pause” from his many antics and poses.

Waldo just resting

Even though I am not sure Waldo could get into this particular pose it was easy to imagine him doing it.

Enjoy “Cat Pause” and hopefully it will remind you to stop and enjoy the moment.


Yellow and white coloration or in black and white

View of feet. It even has pink pads.

Can be colored like your cat. Here it is shown in gray.


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