With 27 year’s experience and dynamic energy, I love to visualize, design, and sculpt art that brings joy, smiles, and beauty to the world’s eyes.

As a child I was always moved by my grandmother’s ability to paint beautiful scenes, flowers, and landscapes. Art was in my blood and would come naturally to me. I also had parents who believed any of their eight children could be anything we set our minds to and that gave us wings to fly.

With a love of horses and art, there came a time of crossroads for me and I went the direction of horses first. Little did I know that this was the perfect training  for me as a sculptor later on.

While making hot, handmade horseshoes, I found the hot pliable steel was an incredible medium that could be bent hammered and shaped anyway I liked. I also found that there was a rainbow of color in this steel depending on the temperature it held, and knew this could be controlled to be used in art. The shaping and viewing of the horses honed in my visual abilities, and so the next phase was set.

After 16 years of shoeing, I decided it was time to switch directions and head into the art world. With the dynamic creative juices flowing, I was an art and sculpture machine. I realized I had found my home and I was in love! Over the next several years I played with the styles I liked and mediums I felt comfortable with.  Metal art was a natural next step and gave me an art style that let me bring out that rainbow of colors I had found while shoeing horses. I started with silhouettes, but sooner moved on to more detailed and layered designs. Each year that I continue to do the metal art wall sculpture, it evolves to yet another level

I am also a creative visual sculptor.  Through the years, the line sculpture was a signature style that I started with, but I have not been afraid to try other mediums, styles, and processes to create the 3D visions I have seen in my mind.

Working in clay and casting in bronze is also a passion of mine, and each year I sculpt several cast sculptures.

I was never trained or educated to do the art I have done. I had to defy the odds and let my natural abilities flow and come forth without restraint so I could be super creative.

It is my passion to bring art into this world that inspires and brings beauty and joy to the viewer now and into the future for years to come.

You as my client will get the best of me and my talents to bring joy, happiness, and beauty to your world.

I welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service possible.

                  I want you to LOVE the art piece you buy or commission from me!


All the Best,


25 Years Experience

Experience allows Esther Benedict to bring to you art that fits your needs, touches your heart, and possesses a quality that you can count on.

Custom Designed and Hand-Made

All of the artwork you see here, from sculptures to metal art, is hand-made. Some pieces are in stock, but most are made once your order has been placed. This allows for custom changes in colors or patinas, and any other modifications you would like.

State-of -the-Art Equipment

We have the latest in CNC cutting technology. The large cutting table allows for the creation of large or small projects.

Sculpture 30%
Metal Art 20%
Commissioned Sculpture 40%
Signs 10%
Gate Art 5%

Who is Esther?

Esther Benedict Biography

The youngest of eight, having to be quiet in church as her dad was the preacher, armed with paper and pencils, drawing was a past time and the art enthusiasm developed.

The end of high school came with a choice to be made: a career in art or one with horses.  Esther decided on a degree in horse management from the State University of New York at Delhi. Once her degree was completed the path led her to horseshoeing school in Oklahoma.  She was off on a 16 year career in horseshoeing in New York State. This, too, was shaping her future by learning the medium of metal and how to work hot iron and enjoy it.

Taking her shoeing ability to the highest level, AFA (American Farriers Association) Certified Journeyman, she reached a pinnacle in her career and started to look for the next career in art. The desire grew to a crescendo and she started sculpting. Esther first sculpted in a familiar and plentiful medium of horseshoes, making all kinds of characters from card-playing cowboys to horse and sleigh. After about three months she decided to move away from the crafty end of art and go for her own style of sculpture. The line-sculpture was born.

Taking the steel and heating it with a torch, bending and manipulating it by hand gave the sculpture a one-of-a-kind life-like feel. Horses were her first subject, as she was familiar with them. Her pieces came out with pure movement and life.

Next to be created were figurative and wildlife pieces. With time, the line-sculpture shared its place with the brazed and hand-cut feathered birds or coats of steel hair covering squirrels and bears. Each developed the eye and hand of this sculptor and her work ever evolved with enthusiasm.

Esther did many shows around the US from California to Massachusetts during the 90’s and until 2006. She has won many awards and has sold work internationally around the world.

Another love for Esther is cast bronze. During the early years Esther had a desire to take up her hand at modeling figures in clay and having them cast in bronze. All pieces cast had been table-top size works until 2004 when Esther was commissioned to create three life-size figures of Mississippi river boat era children for a fountain in Moline, IL. Esther fell in love with the life-size clay work and cast in bronze.

In 2016 Esther sculpted “In the Garden”, an interactive sculpture of Jesus sitting on a stump with His hands open and on His lap and an empty stump across from Him where anyone can sit and hold His hands. This was an INSPIRED piece and Esther tells the story in the video that can be seen on this site.

“Sculpture is exciting, it’s many-sided, it’s touchable, light plays off of it, it withstands the elements, and over the centuries it still stands. How exciting and what a thrill it is to be able to create a piece that outlives the sculptor and still gives each viewer a piece of the message or feeling that inspired the sculptor who created it.  I love to create sculpture that touches the onlooker and moves them to feel it the way music can touch our soul.”


Esther has been featured in many articles, such as:

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